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Expanding into a foreign market can help you increase your sales and market share, expand your reach, and become a bigger player in your industry. It’s a major undertaking that requires due diligence to maximize your chances of success and mitigate your risks. We offer a complete solution to help ensure your expansion in the U.S. or foreign markets.



The best way to start is by evaluating your organizational capabilities in order to reveal your potential for growth.



Using the right mix of knowledge gathering and market research, we can identify the markets that offer the most favourable conditions in which to grow your business.



We can help you devise an entry strategy that will give you the best chances of success in your chosen market.

Slava Apel receiving the Walk of Fame Award 2017

Take advantage of my experience:

  • objective, market-neutral advice and guidance from our experts

  • experienced specialists in international expansion

  • access to an in-house research and economic analysis team(reliable market intelligence is a key factor in the success of international market expansion)

2017 Walk of Fame Award for Making a World of Difference in the Lives of New Canadians

Business Coaching

Business Coaching is a process that is misunderstood and many people think its just someone offering extemporaneous advice, which is not the case at all. Our business coaching will guide your company and teach you the skills necessary to make good decisions. There is a defined process and methodology, with goals and deliverables, that will have you performing the actual work and assignments in order to grasp the concepts and skills necessary for smooth business operation and growth.

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