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Slava Apel – Web to Print Software CEO of the Year 2017 – Canada

CV Magazine Executive Awards 2017The 2017 Executive Awards praises those people who go above and beyond in the executive world. Those who form not only the backbone of their individual businesses, but of their wider sectors and industries.

Imagination, creativity and desire for the product or service of their companies, are the things that separate excellent companies from merely good ones and these awards celebrate the individuals who, through their commitment to these areas, are the motivating force behind their firms’ growth and success.

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Slava Apel on the cover of Graphic Arts Magazine | July/August 2013

Slava Apel on the cover of Graphic Arts Magazine | July/August 2013

Graphic Arts magazine has featured Slava Apel on a cover of the magazine as the top web to print software provider.

This is the first of an exclusive two-part series by Slava Apel, CEO of Amazing Print Corp., a leading Canadian web-to-print software company and marketing engine. Apel is a frequent international speaker and expert on the topics of web-to-print, search engine marketing and search engine positioning. He is one of the top new revenue consultants in the print industry and has been voted one of the top 35 Most Influential Canadians in Print. Since 1997 he has helped hundreds of printing companies and thousands of print distributors with web marketing and web-to-print software.

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Slava Apel was named one of “Ten of the Industry’s Most Knowledgeable Speakers” by Print Community Forum and WhatTheyThink.com in 2014

What They Think Market Intelligence for the Printing Industry
Print Community Forum Tradeshow
Slava Apel | Top Speaker at Print09 Trade Show 2009

Top Speaker

at the Largest North American Trade Show – Print09

Slava Apel | Top Speaker at Print Community Forum Trade Show

Top Speaker

at Print Community Forum in Toronto organized by Graphic Arts Magazine

Slava Apel | Top Trainer at Biz eXchange Business Opportunities Trade Show

Top Trainer

at Biz eXchange, Business Opportunities Trade Show

Amazing Print Tech | Recognized for Making a World of Difference in the Lives of New Canadians

Each year, ACCES Employment is proud to honour a select group of employers that work closely with ACCES Employment to support our mission of helping newcomers and jobseekers to find employment in their field.

This year’s Walk of Fame Awards honour influential individuals representing employers that have contributed to the development and growth of ACCES over our 30-year history.

Slava Apel receiving the Walk of Fame Award 2017
Slava Apel receiving the Walk of Fame Award 2017

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